How Long Will Your Backup Generator Run If Used on a Continuous Basis?

How Long Will Your Backup Generator Run If Used on a Continuous Basis?

A backup generator can be a true lifesaver in emergency situations. But as you are preparing for your emergency situations, you want to be able to know how long your generator will last during a prolonged power outage. The answer to that question depends upon the type of generator that you have.

Portable Backup Gasoline Generators

Many people purchase gasoline generators because they are convenient to use. However, this type of generator will be extremely limited in the amount of time that it can run continuously. The primary reason that your time will be limited is because you will be unable to refill a gas-powered generator without turning it off first.

Gasoline generators should never be refueled while they are running. Doing this can cause the fumes from the gas to spark and cause an explosion. In order to refuel a gas generator, you have to shut the generator down completely and allow it time to cool off before adding more fuel.

This means your generator may need to be offline for up to 12 hours when you refuel it.

Propane Portable Generators

Unlike gas generators, a propane powered generator does not have to be shut down before you add additional fuel. However, all portable propane generators require a certain amount of oil in their engine in order to work and will shut down once that oil gets low. Although the exact times may vary, a full engine full of oil can last up to 200 hours.

Standby Backup Generators

Of all the possible generators, a standby generator will last the longest. These generators can operate for up to 500 hours of continuous use. This will give you almost three weeks of usage out of the generator. 

The reason these generators last longer is because they have larger motors that are designed to work with either natural gas or 1,000 gallon propane tanks.

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Cost to Install a Generac Generator

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Generac Generator Installed?

A generator makes a great addition to your home. As anyone who has experienced a power outage knows, these things never happen at a convenient time. If you are in the early stages of considering a generator, there are probably some questions you would like answered.

The first, how much does it cost to have a Generac generator installed, is easily answered by consulting with a Generac dealer. We provide free estimates as well as financing options.

How Large of a Generator Do I Need?

Whole house generators come in a variety of sizes. An experienced generator installation technician can recommend the size generator best suited for your situation. Some things that affect the size of the generator you need are the size of your home as well as how many electronics you run in your home.

What Types of Generators are There?

Whole house generators are one of several choices you have when shopping for generators. If your budget is tight, you can probably keep your refrigerator and one or two additional electronics running with a portable generator. Portable generators do not provide the same seamless power as a whole house generator, but they are available at a lower price. 

If you run a business, it is unlikely that even a whole house generator will meet your needs. There are specific generators designed for commercial use that will allow you to keep your business up and running when there are problems with power in your area. 

Regardless of your needs, talk to us at Walter Danley Electrical Contracting, LLC, in person or visit our website at We have the experience necessary to help you with a whole house generator installation, purchasing a portable generator for emergencies, or setting up a commercial generator. As a PowerPro PREMIER dealer of Generac generators, we can find the perfect solution for your needs.