ECOGEN 15 KW Generator

ECOGEN 15 KW Generator


Whether the off-grid lifestyle is a choice or a necessity, you are responsible for producing the energy you consume – even when there’s no sun or wind. Ensure you never have dead batteries with the Generac EcoGen–the only automatic standby generator designed and warrantied specifically for off-grid use with an alternative energy system.


Purpose Built For Renewable Energy Applications designed specifically to interact with off-grid renewable energy applications, Generac introduces the first generator intended for alternative energy interaction. It is capable of tying into an inverter and battery storage system to supplement the alternative energy source. This provides the cleanest running, low emission solution to recharging house batteries.

Extended Run Capability This innovative oil circulation system extends the maintenance intervals by an unprecedented 5 times the industry standard by offering 500 hour maintenance intervals.

G-Flex™ Variable Speed Technology By utilizing patented variable speed technology, the generator is capable of running at various RPMs depending on the electrical demand, resulting in quieter operation, better fuel economy and produce power at <2.0% total harmonic distortion for quality power.

OHVI® Engine the Generac OHVI® engine, specifically designed for generator use, provides the reliability to power through the most sever outages. engineered and built in the usa.

Evolution™ Controller The next generation of intuitive controllers, the evolution controller features a multilingual, two-line lcd text display with color-coded backlit buttons.

Convenient Installation can be installed only 18” from the home, if located away from doors, windows, and fresh air intakes, unless otherwise directed by local codes.

Rhinocoat Aluminum Enclosure Our durable Rhinocoat powder-coat finish helps make sturdy aluminum enclosures perfect for all weather conditions. Enclosure is able to withstand 150 mph winds.

Fuel Options with Tool-less Conversion the Generac Ecogen runs on LP fuel or natural gas, and easily converts during installation without the need for tools.

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