Generators for Hurricane Season: Be prepared, stay safe

Preparing for a storm once it is already barreling down the Eastern seaboard is far too late. While 2020 is projected to be an “above average” year for hurricanes, the reality is that In any given year, there is a fair chance of a storm capable of causing significant damage coming ashore in Central New … Continue reading “Generators for Hurricane Season: Be prepared, stay safe”

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Comparing Standby Generators and Portable Generators

Many people want a way to handle the inconvenience and potential losses associated with power outages.  Generators are a way to provide power while the regular power supply is disrupted. While there are several different types of generators, they fall into two main categories: standby generators and portable generators.  The two generators have many similarities, … Continue reading “Comparing Standby Generators and Portable Generators”

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Reasons to Get a Standby Generator

Power outages are not just inconvenient; they can be costly, dangerous, and even life-threatening.  Power storms can result in losing food in the refrigerator or the freezer, loss of heating or cooling, or the loss of necessary medical equipment.  One way to help mitigate the impact of power storms is to arrange a backup generator, … Continue reading “Reasons to Get a Standby Generator”

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