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Owning a house backup generator goes a long way toward ensuring you never lose power. As an essential part of a properly functioning home, a generator gives you peace of mind by helping safeguard your entire property and providing power for heating and cooling appliances, well water, lights, internet, “smart” gadgets, and so much more. Extreme weather, an aging grid, animal interference, or an automobile accident wiping out a main power line will never catch you off guard with our backup generator. Don’t hinge your hopes on chance. You can ensure reliable, steady power and endless electricity by purchasing a whole house generator.


Location, Placement, and Installation are Important

The location of your house backup generator is essential to operating efficiently and correctly so your family’s safety isn’t jeopardized. For the proper installation of your residential generator, it’s crucial to follow the local codes. Additionally, it should be installed on stable and solid ground, out of reach of potential flooding from rainstorms that can occur in neighborhoods across New Jersey. Skilled W. Danley electricians should handle the installation for optimal safety.

Correctly placing the optimal house generator in the best location is what we do. There are ways to help lower costs during the installation of your whole house generator. Professionals from W. Danley will install your generator, making sure it adheres to required clearance and compliance by gas and electric utilities. Generators that operate on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LP) must be placed a specific distance from the tank. Our installation team will ensure proper and safe accomplishment of this.

Contact W. Danley to have reliable professionals ensure you receive the most safe and secure installation on the ideal house generator in New Jersey for your residence or place of business!


House Backup Generator: Guardian Series

With our whole house generator, you can ensure back-up power for your entire home or just the most important items. You’ll never have to purchase a larger backup power system than you need with the Guardian Series by Generac. A Guardian Series house backup generator can provide crucial electrical circuit coverage, automatically detecting loss of utility power and transferring power from the local grid to your generator. You can also monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet, or computer with the help of MobileLink™. Choose from the following kilowatt options: 10Kw, 14Kw, 18Kw, 22Kw, 24Kw, or 26Kw.


House Backup Generator: Protector Series

The Protector Series from Generac offers a variety of popular preconfigured choices and accessories to ensure your house generator can adapt to your property’s unique needs. Designed for luxury homes and small commercial buildings, this premium option runs off natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LP). Depending on the model, conveniences include quiet operation, automotive-style engine, and a modern acoustically designed enclosure. You can also monitor the status of your whole house generator from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet, or computer. Choose from the following kilowatt options: 22Kw, 27Kw, 32Kw, 38Kw, 48Kw, 60Kw, and up to 150Kw.


Protector Series

Protector Series

Guardian Series

Guardian Series