Generator FAQ

How long can a generator run for?

Weeks, as long as the oil is checked every 48 hours

Will it cover my entire home including AC?

This is the biggest difference between a whole home generator and a partial home generator. If it is a whole home generator, yes, it will include your AC, which is the biggest draw.

How much will it cost to run on gas when the power is out?

Typically $5-10/day depending on utility rates from the gas company.

What happens if it snows?

You will need to clear the perimeter of the generator if it snows more than 6” to ensure adequate air flow around the unit.

Do I need to put a cover over it to protect it?

No, it has an aluminum enclosure that can withstand the elements and will not rust.

How long will my generator last?

10-15 years depending on whether it’s maintained every year. This is why it is critical to have a maintenance agreement.

What is the turnaround time for installation?

1-3 months depending on your specific township requirements

What are the typical units for under 5,000 sf?

A whole home 18kW, 22kW (most common) 24kW are standard every day. There are larger units that are liquid cooled.

What are the typical Partial Home generators?

They are 10 & 14kW which means rule of thumb 10-14 circuits on your panel, in rare cases 16. You typically will not be able to run AC in that case because it pulls too much power.

Are there special requirements for flood zones?

Flood zones require raised bases or slope boxes if the ground isn’t level.

What are the fuel supplies for a generator?

A generator can be natural gas or propane. If need be, can convert back and forth.

What if I have solar panels?

It requires a wiring kit in order to work together.

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