Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator Cost and Return

You can obtain peace of mind, security, and convenience with a home standby generator. The long-term peace of mind and reliability offered far out weights the upfront Generac 22Kw whole house generator cost. It automatically powers all your essentials (i.e., your whole house) in an emergency.

A Generac 22Kw whole house generator can meet a 3,000 to 4,000-square-foot house’s “basic” needs. Believe it or not, this can actually save you money, especially if natural gas is what powers your water heater, furnace, or stove. On top of that, this generator can power almost any outlet, light, and even a good-sized air conditioner. We’ll talk about basic and essential needs below, as well as the Generac 22Kw whole house generator cost.

A whole-house generator doesn’t just give you peace of mind. Safety is another big plus. The engine exhaust can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if you misuse portable units. New safety features on portable generators include an auto-shutoff that triggers when high carbon monoxide levels are detected. These features are important, but their misuse can also be life-threatening, so you have to operate them safely and monitor them closely. Not so with a dedicated backup generator.


How Does the Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator Work?

A whole house generator, like the Generac 22Kw whole house generator, connects every circuit in your house. Thinking you can save on costs and provide power to only select circuits with a partial house generator instead of a whole house generator can be tempting. However, a partial house generator won’t provide you with the same type of security as knowing that your whole house can be powered whenever the grid fails. Many believe security and convenience are the most valuable. The Generac 22Kw whole house generator cost and investment, in the long run, pay enormous peace-of-mind dividends.

Despite being smaller than commercial and industrial generators, home generators work the same way and have the same components. You should connect your home generator to the main electrical panel via a transfer switch. Transfer switches switch your home’s power source from the grid to the backup generator. They also stop electricity from traveling from the generator to the power lines so utility workers don’t get zapped by someone’s generator when they work on the lines.

A transfer switch for a Generac 22Kw whole house generator.

With W. Danley Electrical, Mobile Link connects a Generac 22Kw generator to your phone via Wi-Fi, which is a very convenient tool. Monitoring your generator is easy on any device. Should any generator problems arise at any time, the Mobile Link app is always there to guide you through them.

Among the household standby generators, you can choose from, the Generac 22Kw generators give you the best value your money can buy. Even though they are best for backup, they can power your whole house. It’s relatively quiet and fuel-efficient, unlike most generators today.


What Can a Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator Power?

In case of an outage, this specific generator is often sufficient (22,000 watts), especially if you have a bigger home. This type of generator can power the following essentials: Dishwasher, washer, dryer, cooktop, and HVAC equipment.

What makes this quality home standby generator right for you?

  • Efficacious, eco-friendly engines that burn natural gas or propane.
  • Patented sound-attenuating technology keeps our generators relatively quiet.
  • A standby generator that can be monitored and controlled remotely from your mobile device.
  • The Generac 22Kw whole house generator cost versus the value you receive in return.


We’ve Got Your Back and Your House

At W. Danley Electrical, we assist you throughout the entire process — from answering questions you may have about different models besides the Generac 22Kw whole house generator, to determining the right standby generator for your home, to obtaining permits, inspections, and installing and maintaining your new generator.

We help you assess and optimize your situation so you will get the most out of your investment, as well as determine the correct generator size. Contact us today.