Your ‘Generac Generator Repair Near Me’ Search Starts Here

When your electricity goes out, you won’t want to be frantically searching online for “Generac generator repair near me.” Owners of Generac whole-house generators should be prepared.

A local Generac generator repair service is of great assistance, especially if you consult these experts early and often. Generator repair and maintenance companies ensure your home backup generator works properly when you need it most. You can have your generator diagnosed and repaired — or simply maintained.

If you’ve owned your home standby generator for more than a few years, various components may experience unforeseen problems due to a variety of environmental circumstances, such as engine problems, fuel system issues, or even electrical mishaps. A Generac generator repair and maintenance company will ensure your unit is running when you need it most. Inspections, oil changes, filter replacements, and diagnostic tests are included in regular maintenance visits and can keep your generator working optimally.


Generac Generator Repair Near Me’: Troubleshooting & Tips

“Generac generator repair near me” are those last-minute words you won’t want to be typing on your phone when your neighborhood experiences a power outage.

In times of instability, Generac generators are designed to provide power on-demand. Before you contact a repair service, make sure you understand what’s going on with your generator:

  • Keep an eye out for debris and rodents. Trash, tree limbs, and brush can clog your generator. Remove excess brush in the surrounding area. You should also check the generator for critters, animals, or chewed-through cords.
  • Ensure your fuel source is working. It’s possible to extend the life of fuel by caring for it properly. As a result of condensation, algae can sometimes grow in the fuel tank and cause problems. Maintaining a full tank helps minimize contaminants.
  • Ensure the “automatic” setting is turned on. It’s possible your generator is not turning on when you expect it to. Make sure the “Automatic” position is selected. There are usually three switches on a generator: “On,” “off,” and “automatic.” When power changes in your home and causes a significant drop in electricity, generators are automatically switched on at that point.
  • Check if the power is out in your neighborhood (or if it’s still on). Sometimes generator repair services are contacted by homeowners who can hear their generator running, but they honestly don’t think their power is out. If you don’t have electricity at your meter base, call your neighbors and check your own breakers.

Before calling our experienced team or doing a search for “Generac generator repair near me,” check the message board on the controller of your Generac generator. You can take a picture with your phone and send it to us.


Signs of Needing Repair: ‘Generac Generator Repair Near Me

It’s ideal to consider repair and maintenance options before you find yourself typing “Generac generator repair near me” on your phone in the middle of a blackout. Maintenance and inspection of standby generators should be performed on a regular basis — whether by the homeowner or a trusted service.

Noticing the following signs early will allow you to maintain your Generac generator before the power goes out rather than scrambling at the last minute:

  • Noises that seem strange. Something is usually wrong if you hear strange noises. It could be either the mechanical or electrical components of your generator that are malfunctioning if you notice funny noises. Ignoring unfamiliar noises from your generator can also lead to more damage if left unattended.
  • When was the last time you ran your generator? A couple runs every month are healthy for standby generators to function properly. Over time, letting a generator sit can cause a lot of common problems. Periodically cycling standby generators prevents these issues. You might not be able to start your generator if it hasn’t been run recently.
A close-up of someone searching 'Generac generator repair near me' on their phone during a power outage.
  • Odors that smell strange. There shouldn’t be any smell coming from standby generators. The strange smell you notice could be due to burning electrical components, exhaust leaks, or natural gas or propane leaks. Immediately shut down your generator and contact a trusted Generac mechanic. It can be very dangerous to leave issues like this unattended.


Subtle Things to Look for

  • Power supply that’s inconsistent. How often does your generator cycle on and off between producing sufficient and insufficient power? There are many issues that won’t completely shut down your generator, but rather they cause it to perform less efficiently. Find a reliable home generator repair service near you immediately if you notice flickering lights or that some appliances won’t run off your generator. Though your generator might seem adequate, it could fail at any time.
  • Delays in starting up. It’s important to pay attention to start-up delays — they’re a warning sign. If your generator doesn’t start instantly, there is usually something wrong. This is a sign you need to have the generator repaired (even if it works fine once it gets going). Eventually, it won’t be able to start at all due to the issue causing start-up delays.
  • Electricity production isn’t happening. In the event your generator is not producing electricity, there is something wrong. You might have a problem if your generator starts and runs, but then it doesn’t generate electricity. Your generator’s connection to your home’s electrical system may be to blame. For troubleshooting and repair of generators beyond this, you’ll need to contact a professional. However, you may just need to flip the breaker to get it working again.

A number of factors influence the performance of your Generac generator. Mechanical, electrical, coolant, and fuel systems are all included in these factors. Troubleshooting a generator can be challenging, so it’s typically best to leave it to the experts. Don’t get caught looking for a “Generac generator repair near me” service at the last minute.

Our experienced technicians can identify which of these issues is causing your generator problems, especially during an emergency.


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