Generac Guardian 18Kw: A Mighty Solution for Every Homeowner

Homeowners prefer Generac Guardian 18Kw generators, as they continually stand out as one of the best top-selling 18Kw standby generator options in the marketplace. Backup generators provide whole-house power in the event of an outage, and they come in different sizes.

Powered by natural gas or propane, these generators are installed by a trained technician. Among the features is a transfer switch that switches your home to generator power if there’s an outage and a remote monitoring system that lets you see how the generator is doing.


Affordable & Convenient Power: Generac Guardian 18Kw

A Generac Guardian 18Kw generator is a reliable and affordable way to keep your house powered up. Should an outage take place, it will keep your house running effectively. Any homeowner can benefit from this type of backup generator since it comes in several different sizes. A plus is: It runs on natural gas or propane, which are both relatively cheap.

When the electricity goes out in your neighborhood, your generator starts up and power starts flowing. It’s connected to your home’s electrical panel via a transfer switch, which means electricity is appropriately and safely distributed throughout your home. Your lights and appliances come on instantly. You won’t even have to think twice.

In most homes, an 18Kw standby generator can provide whole-house power or at least enough electricity for all your major and essential needs. When there’s a power outage, your refrigerator, furnace, and air conditioner will all be powered. However, your generator needs will depend on the size of your house and what you need. It’s a good idea to get a large generator if you live in a large house with several appliances. Most average to above-average-size homes should be in good hands with an 18-kilowatt generator. You will want to take into consideration your house’s size, how many appliances you want to keep powered up, what the weather is like where you live, and how much money you wish to invest into your generator.

A reputable manufacturer is also important. With a wide range of models to choose from, Generac is a leading brand in today’s home backup generator marketplace.


Protection is Worth the Investment: Generac Guardian 18Kw

A Generac Guardian 18Kw generator is a worthwhile investment. Your home will be protected from power outages and your money saved. When the power goes out, it automatically turns on so you can run your essential appliances.

Your energy bills might even decrease during use because you won’t be paying for electricity when there’s an outage. Plus, homeowners discover even more financial and economic protection in keeping food cold so it doesn’t spoil in their refrigerator or freezer.

During a power outage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can relax. There’s no need to worry about spoiled food, comfort, convenience, or safety and security for your family’s household appliances, security system, Wi-Fi connectivity — and more.

Once you invest in an 18Kw standby generator, you can forget about the brutal consequences of your electricity going out. The best part is installation is easy. One of our qualified technicians can install most generators in a few hours. It’s a dependable way to stay lit up, and home backup generators run for a long time without stopping. The price is usually right, as all generators come in affordable sizes and feature options, with the 18Kw option being one of the best solutions for many families to protect their homes during an outage.

An open refrigerator in a dark kitchen, powered by a Generac Guardian 18Kw backup home generator.

The Generac Guardian 18Kw is a Strong & Clean Power Source

Besides being a clean power source, the Generac Guardian 18Kw generator is safe for sensitive electronics, and the test mode installed allows the generator to run for a short period of time without waking your neighbors up.

An 18Kw standby generator fixes problems with smart diagnostics. Also, there is remote monitoring — you can keep an eye on your generator from anywhere. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect the generator to your Wi-Fi network at home. Generators from Generac offer these reliable and convenient features and much more.

Overall, having a backup generator at home helps keep you protected from power outages. Generators can power your home for days or even weeks — a huge plus in today’s uncertain power-grid environment.


We’ve Got Your Back and Your House

At W. Danley Electrical, we assist you throughout the entire process — from answering questions you may have about different models, to the Generac Guardian 18Kw house generator, to determining the right standby generator for your home, to obtaining permits, inspections, and installing and maintaining your new generator.

We help you assess and optimize your situation so you will get the most out of your investment, as well as determine the appropriate generator.

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