Generac Guardian 24Kw Home Backup: Your Reliable Option

With the highest power rating of any air-cooled generator, the Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup is one of the latest innovations from Generac. You’ll always be prepared for any emergency with its rugged aluminum enclosure and WiFi monitoring.


Power on Demand: Generac Guardian 24Kw Home Backup

In terms of power, the Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup generator rivals larger and more expensive liquid-cooled models. During outages, this model provides backup power for larger homes, households, and small businesses — immediate electricity to owners who previously could not afford the capacity, or they lacked the space for a liquid-cooled model.

Powered by natural gas or liquid propane, this 24-kilowatt model protects your home automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week — all year long. As with most central air conditioning units, home backup generators sit outside.

With residential standby generators, there’s no need to refuel, no need to start manually, and no need to use extension cords. You can back up your entire home or just the essentials of your home with this system, since it delivers power to your electrical system on demand.


Power, Fuel, Efficiency, & Cooling: Generac Guardian 24Kw Home Backup

Natural gas or liquid propane can be used to fuel your Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup air-cooled generator. To prevent overheating, air-cooled generators take in cold air from the atmosphere.

Because of this generator’s large 24-kilowatt capacity, it’s perfect for those who can’t afford to lose power to their home’s most important devices. You can provide continuous electricity up to 87.5 amps on natural gas (or 100 amps if you are using liquid propane).

While running on natural gas, the Guardian series achieves better fuel economy than previous models. Because of its fuel consumption efficiency technology, the 24Kw option uses less fuel on higher loads than smaller models. It provides more power with less natural gas than smaller kilowatt models when operating at full load. In various tests, the Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup uses fuel much more efficiently than other manufacturers.

In addition, it offers a powerful punch compared to liquid-cool generators on the market today. Buying and installing a comparable liquid-cooled generator could add several thousand dollars to your purchase and installation costs. For the large power-outage function they fulfill, Guardian-series generators are much smaller in size on average — making them even more desirable.

They also usually only require about 1.5 feet of space from a house, as opposed to 5 feet for liquid-cooled generators. Air-cooled models also do not require a poured concrete pad, whereas many liquid-cooled models are heavier and require a slab.


Mobile Link WiFi Connectivity: Generac Guardian 24Kw Home Backup

The Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup generator comes with Generac’s Mobile Link WiFi. Mobile Link lets homeowners and small business owners monitor their generator status from anywhere using a laptop or mobile device. You can check the generator’s operating status, and connect your account with a service dealer. This means worry-free, on-time maintenance if needed.

The generator’s complete protection profile with activity time and total hours used can also be accessed as well, in addition to reports from previous months. Even your generator’s location will be displayed in Mobile Link, along with detailed weather forecasts.

A businesswoman checking her Generac Guardian 24Kw Home Backup generator via the Mobile Link app.

Other Features and Benefits

Featuring ease of installation and reliability, the Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup saves homeowners installation costs, due to its conveniences and benefits. For some homeowners, it eventually pays for itself over the long run in energy savings, all seen in the Generac Home Energy Monitoring System function.

It also offers:

  • A mounting pad made of composite material that is pre-attached.
  • A multilingual LCD display featuring the Generac Evolution Controller, making it a smart and user-friendly device.
  • Remote monitoring technology at any time using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer/laptop with the Mobile Link tool.
  • A quieter and less fuel-consuming self-test mode (Quiet-Test).
  • Powering by True Power technology, which delivers superior power quality with a harmonic noise distortion of less than 5 percent.
  • Less maintenance of the Generac G-Force engine.
  • Aluminum enclosure that’s corrosion-resistant, all-weather, and durable.


Built to Last for Years

In the event of a power outage, the Generac Guardian 24Kw home backup generator keeps your home’s systems running. In addition to being reliable and easy to use, this Guardian-series unit lasts for years.

Normally, home backup generators produce 67 decibels of noise when running. However, during its weekly self-test, this Generac Guardian runs at only 57 decibels. Despite the fact all generators require periodic maintenance, this model usually requires less maintenance throughout any given year.

In terms of price, it’s one of the most expensive standby generators on the market. But if you’re looking for a high-powered backup generator that has a good warranty and is worth the investment, this superior generator won’t disappoint.


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