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The number of homeowners considering the purchase of a Generac home standby generator, the preparedness they provide, and a “Generac service near me” search on the internet increases every year. Over the past few years, home generator sales have risen exponentially due to extreme weather and energy grid failures.

To restore electricity during a power outage, you need an emergency generator service that can install a home backup generator properly and service it on demand. Homeowners and businesses who live in areas that are prone to electrical outages will find that both of these services are a valuable asset.


Generac Service Near Me: Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance on your Generac home backup generator is required even if it doesn’t break down, which would cause you to immediately search online for a “Generac service near me.” Winter storm preparedness should include annual tune-ups if you live in a cold climate.

It’s extremely important to maintain your unit regularly since it will run periodically. Power consumption and safety should always be considered when choosing a generator, as well as service technicians. Service contractors should be able to take care of lubrication, cooling, fuel, air, combustion, battery and starting mechanisms, the transfer switch, alternator, and engine filter.

You can change your maintenance costs and extent of service based on the size and type of home generator. It might be necessary to perform more frequent maintenance if your generator runs longer than average.

A generator’s size is determined by its kilowatt rating. It typically delivers 7 to 10Kw for small models, 12 to 20Kw for mid-size models, and 22 to 45Kw for larger models — although 20 to 22Kw are standard sizes for average homes across the nation. The cost of servicing larger models will be higher because they are more complicated. Repair costs are lower for smaller and less powerful generators.

Ultimately, the cost of servicing your generator depends on the problem you’re having, as well as the type of specialist coming out to inspect your situation.


Common Problems: Generac Service Near Me

Your “Generac service near me” search should start with a budget in mind — whether you are purchasing one or need yours serviced. A Generac home standby generator usually costs somewhere in the hundreds-of-dollars range to service or repair. That’s because of the heavy-duty nature it was created for. While some generators can support a few appliances, others are capable of powering a whole house if needed.

Here are common problems with whole house generators:

  • Fuel is low or depleted. In the event your generator runs out of fuel, it will shut down. Unmonitored generators can cause this problem.
  • The engine fails to start. A generator may fail to start for several reasons, including a bad battery, a fuel system problem, or a mechanical problem.
  • Stalling while operating. There are several causes of this, such as low oil levels, dirty air filters, and fuel system problems.
  • An issue with the battery. The battery starts the generator — so if it fails, your generator won’t operate. It’s recommended you replace batteries every three to five years.
  • Symptoms from overheating. Generator engines can overheat if the coolant level is low, the air filter is dirty, or the generator is not ventilated properly.
  • Wet stacking. Condensation of water vapor in the exhaust system leads to wet stacking. As a result, the engine may be damaged and its performance may suffer.
  • Fuel lines that are clogged. The generator will not be able to run properly if its fuel lines are clogged. Depending on the type of fuel, dirt or debris (or even water) can cause this problem.
  • There are leaks. Fuel leaks, oil leaks, and coolant leaks can occur in any of these systems. Engine damage and fire hazards can result due to leaks.

A qualified technician should be contacted as soon as possible if you notice any of these problems with your whole house generator. Neglecting these issues can lead to more serious costs or emergencies in the future.


Value of Generators: Generac Service Near Me

Beginning your “Generac service near me” search starts with a Generac home generator provider that’s committed to enabling and protecting your entire household in the event of a power outage.

You can control and run hardwired appliances, such as central air conditioning, well pumps, sump pumps, electric ranges, and water heaters with a home backup generator directly connected to your home’s circuit breaker panel. Your breaker box will be equipped with a transfer switch.

However, it probably goes without saying that professionals should handle the job — from an installation perspective to a routine maintenance, servicing, and repair perspective as well. Although many homeowners don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an emergency home backup generator, portable generators (the cheaper option) require you to pull them out of a garage or shed and hook them up during a power outage. An emergency situation can make these steps extremely difficult.

Whole house standby generators start automatically when there is no power. They operate immediately and are connected to either liquid propane or natural gas during an outage.

Power outages are a serious threat to your home or business. It’s important to prepare by installing a Generac backup generator, but even more crucial is to be able to identify when your system is weak or overstrained and needs serviced. To maintain the intensity of their productivity, machines of this caliber require special treatment. A highly skilled team of technicians is here to assist you with Generac repair services, as well as routine maintenance.


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At W. Danley Electrical, we help you throughout the entire process. We answer questions you may have about ‘Generac service near me’ and assist in maintenance and inspections. We also help you prepare for the installation process and aid in obtaining permits, and much more. This means optimizing and fine-tuning your situation so you get the most out of your investment. We’ll help you determine the correct generator size too.