A House Generator: The Best Investment for Your Home

Any homeowner can expect a house generator to be a discreet, unassuming box sitting on the outside of one’s home — right next to your property’s other landscaping features. But what’s really nice about today’s technology? The ideal generator for your exact circumstance and home is easily within your unique price range.

In fact, natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuels the home backup generator of today. This type of investment provides the best quality of service and lifespan when it comes to backup power.

A standby generator is permanently hooked up to your house. Unlike portable or inverter generators, it automatically kicks on when the power grid goes down in your neighborhood or an electricity outage hits your house.


A House Generator Has Your Back — Here’s Why

The system detects a power outage and sends a signal to your house generator. It immediately starts the engine and connects power to your home’s electrical system.

Your home backup generator will be connected to an automatic transfer switch. This switch navigates and tracks power from your local utility service and messages the unit’s control function when it sees a power deficiency. It can then switch on the backup power immediately from your whole house generator to your home when it receives the green light to do so.

The convenience of this system is electricity from your utility service is automatically switched on when it comes back online — leaving much less hassle for any homeowner to deal with in emergency power situations.


Stable, Convenient, and Economical

A house generator provides you the comfort of living, working, and sleeping peacefully. You can rest assured, maintaining daily and nightly living activities when your power goes out.

Additionally, a home backup generator comes with a variable difference in size and price compared to other generators — and for good reason. Durable and long-lasting, propane and natural gas power standby generators in the event of an outage. Power continues until your local utility electricity comes back on the grid.

Generators don’t actually create electricity, despite what the name implies. Electricity from a house generator is produced by converting another form of energy into the power you need.

When you consider how a house generator converts energy into immediate electricity, you realize that it offers one of the most cost-effective backup electricity solutions for homes today.


The Right House Generator for Your Property

A house generator can power your whole house. However, it’s important to consider what appliances and devices are essential when choosing a generator. A refrigerator needs different wattage than a sump pump, which in turn uses a different amount of power than a portable heater.

You’ll want to calculate your power usage to know what size of a home backup generator is best for your situation — and we can help. The total amount of power you’ll need is important when choosing a generator. Think about what appliances and devices you need to be able to use when the power goes out.

Compared to big appliances and medium devices, you’ll have to gauge what’s right for you, from small-to-larger comforts — especially during the cold winter season. We’ll assist you the entire way as you take all these factors into account when choosing the right house generator.

A cross-section view of a house generator powering different rooms and appliances.

Power Outages are a Part of Life

In the future, a power outage will inevitably disrupt electrical power to your neighborhood and home. It’s not a matter of if but when. Lamps, fixtures, wall outlets, appliances, internet connectivity, sump pumps, security systems, and outside property lights are all vulnerable when storms, random events, or even homeowner mishaps strike.

Your house can be the property where the lights stay on when you invest in a house generator. Owning a standby generator goes a long way toward ensuring you never lose power.

A generator is crucial for a well-functioning home. It provides peace of mind by protecting the entire property and supporting various appliances, including heating, cooling, lights, internet, and smart gadgets. A generator allows you to rest easily, knowing your home is fully prepared for any power outage. The whims of nature and other events will never catch you off guard. Inside and outside. Don’t hinge your hopes on chance. You can ensure reliable steady power and endless electricity by purchasing a whole house generator.


W. Danley Electrical

At W. Danley Electrical, we provide end-to-end assistance, from answering your questions about house generator models to helping you with installation preparation. We even help with acquiring permits and inspections. Trust us to guide you through the entire process. We help you optimize and fine-tune your situation so you get the most out of your investment, as well as determine the correct generator size. Contact us today.