Generac Generator Maintenance Near Me: Routine Maintenance

Generac Generator Maintenance Near Me: Routine Maintenance

If you want your home standby generator to last a long time and not be searching for “Generac generator maintenance near me” online, you should maintain your unit regularly as you would your car’s mechanical components. This isn’t a system you can simply install and forget about like many other components in your home.

Performing routine checks, replacing the oil, installing new filters, and replacing the spark plugs at regular intervals is necessary. A half-hour to an hour of weekly use of the generator will also benefit the unit. Check off your tasks on a weekly, monthly, and annual home generator maintenance checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

A generator’s lifespan can be significantly extended by maintaining it regularly. A backup generator is an expensive investment, and neglecting the maintenance routine can lead to premature failure. The importance of maintaining your Generac generator and servicing cannot be overstated from a safety perspective. It’s a fire hazard if the generator or supply pipes get too hot or the electrical system is dirty and malfunctioning. In addition, faulty generators can leak lethal gases such as carbon monoxide into your home.


How Often and Why: ‘Generac Generator Maintenance Near Me’

“Generac generator maintenance near me” is one of the most common online searches in an emergency blackout situation for many homeowners across the nation. To keep your generator working efficiently and safely, you should have it professionally serviced once a year — unless you have specific expertise.

You should schedule home generator maintenance twice a year if you use your generator frequently or forget to perform routine maintenance weekly and monthly.

If you’ve never changed the oil on your generator before, you should perform this task after approximately 30 hours of use. Several factors, such as the model and size of the generator, determine the frequency of oil changes. Oil should be changed less frequently with larger generators. Most systems should be serviced every 100 hours — however, consult the manufacturer’s instructions before making any decisions.

If you suffer an extended power outage or use the generator for prolonged periods during extremely hot weather, you will need to check the oil levels even more frequently. Before using the generator, let it cool completely.


Weekly Checklist

Your weekly checklist should be followed religiously, especially since you don’t want to be typing “Generac generator maintenance near me” on your phone in the middle of an electricity blackout. Clean it thoroughly and make sure there are no pests inside. Check the following items during your weekly maintenance:

  • If you hear anything concerning, pay attention. No rattling or banging should be heard from the generator.
  • Fluid and fuel levels should be measured.
  • Ensure the unit and pipes are not leaking fuel.
  • Make sure there is no smoke coming from the unit and the pipes don’t get too hot.

Maintaining your Generac generator each week is much easier with a proven checklist to follow.


Monthly Checklist: ‘Generac Generator Maintenance Near Me’

“Generac generator maintenance near me” is a great way to start looking for a qualified maintenance service online. Just remember, it’s important to perform a more thorough generator inspection every month. If your generator is used frequently, take a look at the following:

  • When the generator has been used for more than 200 hours since the last maintenance, you should replace the plugs and air filter.
  • Check the cell port lids of the generator for dirt or sediment.
  • If the generator hasn’t been used for some time, drain and replace the fuel.
  • Make sure the coolant and oil levels are correct.
  • Battery chargers need to be checked to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Once the oil has been used for more than 100 hours, you should change it.
  • Run a load-test for 60 minutes.

It’s most likely your generator has been taken care of well enough and you won’t face all these issues. However, contacting a home generator maintenance service could be your best investment yet — on top of owning a Generac.


Yearly Checklist

It’s recommended you inspect your generator’s electrical and air supply systems once a year so you don’t have to go typing “Generac generator maintenance near me” on your phone when the lights, refrigerator, air conditioner, and other appliances go out due to a power failure. Checking your generator on a yearly basis requires more technical expertise, and missing something could have serious consequences for its operation and condition.

It’s best to hire a professional to inspect your home generator annually unless you’re confident in your abilities. The following tasks should be performed during your yearly checkup:

  • Coolant should be flushed out.
  • Spark plugs should be replaced.
  • Make sure the transfer switch is working properly.
  • The electrical system should be inspected and cleaned after the power supply is turned off.
  • Oil needs to be changed.
  • Make sure the air supply system is clean, and clear and replace the filter if necessary.

To ensure everything is working properly while maintaining your Generac generator, you should run the generator for a few hours.


The Importance of a Routine: ‘Generac Generator Maintenance Near Me’

In the absence of a power outage, homeowners rarely think about their backup generators and whether they’ll ever have to do a “Generac generator maintenance near me” search. Generators are crucial to keeping your home powered and your family safe during an emergency.

To ensure your generator is in perfect operating condition when you need it most, it’s important to perform routine home generator maintenance on it. You can expect your generator to last up to 30,000 hours if you take good care of it. Maintaining your generator regularly is the key to keeping it in peak condition.

For a generator to last a long time and perform efficiently, it needs to be properly taken care of. It’s possible to incur costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns as a result of neglect towards maintaining your Generac generator. You can avoid headaches and inconveniences by following the tips mentioned prior.


Don’t do Everything Yourself

Switching gears for a quick minute: Most homeowners believe they can maintain nearly anything with YouTube and do-it-yourself online videos. Mechanics and handymen may find that to be the case. But in the event of a complex issue, you should contact a Generac repair service. You might ruin your generator if you try to “do it yourself.” Consult a professional if you have difficulty solving the problem.


Regular Maintenance Means Regular Power

Generac generators automatically provide backup power when they detect a power outage, provided they have been properly and regularly maintained. In the absence of regular maintenance by a Generac maintenance service, your generator may develop a variety of problems, such as air in the fuel system, a fuel leak, overheating, low coolant levels, water contamination, or problems with the switchgear.

If you use your generator to power your entire home during an outage or back up your most important items, regular home generator maintenance is crucial. Generator failures are primarily caused by a lack of maintenance. In the event of an emergency, proactive maintenance and routine repairs beforehand will ensure you are not left in the dark. Regardless of the weather, your power supply will continue to run. Additionally, regular maintenance increases the efficiency of your generator, in addition to extending its life.

You lose more than you expect when a severe storm, natural disaster, or random blackout strikes — which makes a home generator maintenance service a top priority. You are at risk if you happen to lose power to refrigerators, cooking appliances, the internet, medical equipment, sump pumps, or even your heating system.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, make sure your Generac generator is properly maintained so you can enjoy true peace of mind.


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We help you optimize and fine-tune your situation so you get the most out of your investment, as well as determine the correct generator size.

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