Backup Power Starts with the Best Generator for Home Use

Backup Power Starts with the Best Generator for Home Use

For inclement weather, downed power lines, or any other natural or human-caused local hazard, you’ll eventually discover you want backup power for your property with the best generator for home use.

Let’s start with the basics. Whether you need electricity for your home or while you’re on the go, a generator can provide it. Generators don’t actually make electricity, despite what the name implies. Electricity from a house generator is produced by converting another form of energy into the power you need.

Consumer Options and the Best Generator for Home

The first thing you should do when choosing the best generator for home is to narrow down the type you want. Portable generators, inverter generators, and standby generators are the most common generators in the marketplace.

A portable generator usually has wheels and is mobile so it can deliver electricity anywhere. An inverter generator is much smaller, lighter, and quieter, and it’s usually used for outdoor recreation, camping, and other light-duty circumstances.

This means a trusty home standby generator for backup purposes is the premium option homeowners enjoy the most since they get the best quality and service life for their purchase. These units are permanently hooked up to your house. Unlike portable or inverter generators, a house generator automatically kicks on when the grid goes down.

That’s only the beginning. You should know that a home backup generator comes with a variable difference in size and price compared to other generators — and for good reason. Durable and long-lasting — and installed right outside your home’s perimeter — a house generator is powered by propane or natural gas in the event of a power outage, restoring electricity through an automatic transfer switch. Power continues until your local utility electricity comes back on the grid. The way the energy is converted into immediate electricity is one of the most economical types around today.

A standby generator is usually the securest and most convenient choice when purchasing the best generator for home. If you prioritize safety for your household over everything else, this may be the perfect selection.

Considerations When Reviewing the Best Generator for Home Use

Choosing and purchasing the best generator for home is a big decision. Here are some things to consider that will help you make the right decision:

  • You’ll need to calculate your power usage. The total amount of power you’ll need is important when choosing a generator. Think about what you’ll be using the generator for to answer this question. While a home backup generator can power your whole house, it’s important to consider what appliances and devices are essential for the continuation of electrical services when choosing a generator. A refrigerator needs different wattage than a sump pump, which in turn uses a different amount of power than a portable heater. Compared to big appliances and medium devices, you’ll have to gauge what’s right for you, from small-to-larger creature comforts — especially during the cold winter season.
  • It takes energy to produce energy. The best generator for home can usually be supplied with the fuel it needs in two different ways. Standby generators run on propane and natural gas, which is a very convenient and cost-efficient way to fuel your power source.
  • Pay attention to your flowmeter or fuel gauge. Having a gauge on your generator will let you know how much propane or natural gas you are using so you can optimize your settings through remote monitoring and control and become even more energy efficient.
  • Your budget is key. You’ll have to consider your finances when choosing and purchasing a generator. While a home backup generator is more expensive than inferior options in the market, they are worth every penny spent by homeowners for their reliability, safety and security. Today’s house generator comes with several convenient features for remotely dialed-in property owners who enjoy controlling and operating their investment via phone, tablet, or lap top. Additionally, think about which features are most important to you and which you can live without before choosing a model.
  • It all starts with electricity, automatically. With today’s technology and engineering, all you do is push a button to start your generator if you desire. However, in case of a power outage, it starts automatically.

In short, having backup power available isn’t the only thing that’s important. It’s also about what you’re using the power for. When you use a house generator during an outage, it’s much different than when you take a portable generator camping. A standby generator on the outside of your home provides consistent backup electricity during an outage and is permanently installed for the long term.

Unpredictable Power Outages and the Best Generator for Home

Many areas of the United States are being warned about continuing power outages going forward, especially during winter season. Just the threat of blackouts will make you look for a safety net, especially if losing power is more of a risk for you than others in your neighborhood or city.

A power outage may disrupt communications, water and transportation, close retail businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, ATMs, banks and other services, and cause food spoilage and water contamination. It can also prevent the use of medical devices in emergency situations. Experts are increasingly advising homeowners in power-outage areas to keep freezers and refrigerators closed and use an outdoor house generator that’s permanently installed. They advise homeowners to not turn on gas stoves or ovens to heat their homes in wintertime, and to disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from impromptu electrical surges. Additionally, having alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or using power-dependent medical devices is something to think about. You can read more about preparing for a power outage, knowing your medical needs, using appliances properly during outages, and properly storing food here.

If you invest in the best generator for home use, you won’t deal with these unfortunate and insecure interruptions. However, a generator’s features that best fit your needs isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Be sure you know what you want before you buy one.

You’ll have to consider a lot when choosing a generator, but you’ll be able to narrow down the right type and model if you think strategically and take a holistic approach for everything your household needs during uncomfortable or emergency situations.

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