Tornado in Township, NJ

Tornados are rare, but rare doesn’t mean impossible. So, it’s not a matter of if, but when. As we’ve seen today, their effects on our property and homes can be devastating. The question is: Were you prepared? Can you outlast the impending power outages until everything is put back together?

Here at W. Danley Electrical, we want to help. Today, if that means helping to rebuild, that’s okay. But tomorrow, we need to focus on something else. Together, we can make sure you’re ready for the next tornado, here in Township, NJ.

It’s more than just a little wind

Especially during our late spring months, tornados can start to rear their ugly heads. Often, they bring with them just two things, but in seemingly unlimited supply: Wind and rain. These might not seem like big things in and of themselves; but when they’re put together, that’s a different story. They can easily result in extreme damage to property and power outages. Power outages are what make the effects of these forces of nature so drawn out and personal.

A supercell tornado about to touch down over a large field at dusk.

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Owning a backup generator for your home can be what makes the difference during our next tornado. In Township, NJ alone, there are plenty of options as to who can install a backup generator for you. Pick the one who’s willing to come alongside you during the good times and bad.

Danley Electrical—Your ally against tornados

We’re sorry this happened. Truly, we understand the worry and discomfort you may be experiencing right now. Trust us when we say there’s no need to panic. Not anymore. Stay safe and informed about changing weather patterns. Check forecasts and listen to the authorities.

Then, when you’re ready, give us a call. We can’t change the weather, but we can certainly prepare you for it with a backup generator. Protecting your family, home, and way of life has never been easier.

We look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe.