EcoGen Generator

EcoGen Generator

Whether Rural or Off the Grid, EcoGen Generator Has You Covered

The EcoGen generator serves a vital role in your green-energy-reliant property. Even when the sun goes down or the wind stops, you still hold yourself responsible. You hold yourself responsible for producing the energy you consume. This is especially true if you live in a rural area. Power production for your lifestyle depends on the weather. However, to ensure proper functionality, you must prepare yourself with a secondary power source.

Backup energy—in addition to your solar-and-wind stored battery power—sometimes makes itself a necessity. Bad weather can greatly hinder the amount of renewable energy your property generates. Rain, snow, and cloudy weather all almost destroy efficiency. Even backup batteries will drain during prolonged periods of harsh weather, so other backup power sources are necessary.

In some areas, electric utility companies may not like the idea of you paying to use the local power grid only a few times a year as a backup. Typically, they charge hefty fees or don’t even allow it.

Designed specifically to integrate easily into existing inverter and battery storage systems, the Generac EcoGen backup generator is the ideal solution for rural living. Fortunately, the environmental impact of using a generator is still less than fossil fuel-based power. Your batteries that store all your solar and wind power will be kept charged while also requiring less maintenance with the EcoGen home standby generator.


The EcoGen Generator: Rural and ‘Off the Grid’ Living

There are huge benefits when living in a rural area of your city or county (or even off the grid) and utilizing the EcoGen generator, including energy independence and reduced electricity bills. However, adapting to intermittent power availability requires careful planning and lifestyle adjustments.

Those who live completely off the grid take pride in their energy independence. When you generate your own electricity, you aren’t dependent on the power grid and are less affected by outages or fluctuations in electricity prices. For many, using an off-grid system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity expenses once the initial investment is paid off.

For others, their smaller environmental footprint may be appealing. Compared to traditional grid-based electricity, off-grid energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are renewable and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Despite these advantages, rural living comes with a number of challenges. You must purchase and install a few things before you can fully set up your off-grid system. Luckily, it’s all straightforward. You must purchase solar panels, wind-power generators, batteries, inverters, and a handful of other components. You may also have to make lifestyle adjustments to minimize your electricity consumption if you live off the grid.

During periods of low solar or wind energy production, some off-grid systems may not provide continuous power. It’s also important to maintain your system regularly and repair components that fail more frequently.

Living in a rural area of your city or county can be fulfilling and sustainable in the long run, but it’s important to carefully consider the challenges and make informed decisions based on your specific needs.


Keep Your Picturesque Way of Life with AC and DC Electricity

After food, water, and shelter, the designers behind the EcoGen generator know that electrical power is your next-most important necessity. Electricity and hot water are necessary for nearly anything you want to accomplish in your home — whether you live in the city, suburbia, in rural countryside, or off the grid.

While there are many options available for off-grid power systems, sometimes the easiest and least expensive way to go solar is to build it yourself. Hybrid solar-and-wind systems are popular among homesteaders, and some even have access to hydroelectric systems powered by streams or ditches. You can produce heat, store water, and even store food when your electrical power is safe, reliable, and secure.

So how does the EcoGen work in this rural-living picturesque way of life? For starters, direct-current (DC) electricity is generated by your solar cells or wind turbines on your property. Your generator will automatically start if the battery level drops below a preset level due to insufficient solar or wind power on your property.

As it brings alternating-current (AC) electricity to the inverter, your generator does two things simultaneously. First, it delivers AC power to your home. And second, it stores DC power to your battery bank until it’s fully charged. Your home’s electrical panel receives AC electricity to power all your in-home necessities and comforts while your solar-wind batteries get the recharge they need to stay prepared.


EcoGen Generator Designed Specifically for Rural Properties

Thanks to a premium oil recovery and circulation system built in the EcoGen generator, you’ll save time and money compared to the usual industry standard oil-change maintenance routines. A factory-installed connection to the inverter’s control wires allows the inverter to automatically start and stop the generator as needed for charging your energy system’s batteries.

Generac EcoGen’s Evolution controller, automatic voltage regulator, specialized alternator, and unique resonator design make it quieter and more fuel efficient, without compromise on convenience or quality. Most importantly, True Power Technology ensures safer operation of sensitive electronics by providing cleaner power than competing air-cooled standby generators.

Overall, this model minimizes noise disturbance and ensures a peaceful environment by operating at lower decibel levels. When power is lost, the unit will automatically start and stop, providing seamless backup protection. In today’s rural living or off-the-grid experiences, EcoGen is user-friendly and convenient to set up and maintain.

These generators are available in a range of power outputs to suit various home energy needs, including 7 kilowatts (7Kw), 11Kw, 15Kw, 16Kw – 24Kw, 25Kw – 40Kw, 41Kw, and higher. For flexibility and adaptability, natural gas (connected directly to your home’s gas line) or liquid propane (propane tank) can be used.

The concept of self-reliance appeals to tens of thousands of Americans who live in homes heated with wood stoves and powered by solar panels or wind-energy storying technology. “Off-gridders” are typically a private and eclectic group of individuals looking for cheap land and fewer government regulations, although many suburbanites and city folks are becoming increasingly rural with their property and home choices. The desire to live low-carbon and connect with nature drives many. Truly, it’s a worthy endeavor. Others flee from an unaffordable housing market near cities and suburban sprawl.

But who lives more rural — or even off the grid — today?


Today’s ‘Off Gridders’: A New and Growing Trend

Today, rural living and the choice to stay prepared by purchasing an EcoGen generator is influenced by a wide array of decisions and goals for families and couples. A 2019 study found that 180,000 to 750,000 households live off the grid in the United States. In fact, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint how many will do so in the future since its popularity ebbs and flows.

For completely off-the-grid homes and properties, they usually aren’t connected to the local power grid and don’t have access to gas lines. To keep the lights on, some off-gridders use solar panels or gas-powered generators. Also, wood stoves and gas heaters are common heating options. A person’s commitment to self-reliance influences whether they can live off the grid without access to water lines, trash pickup, cell phone service, or internet WiFi. For some, hunting and gathering for food may be a worthwhile skill.

Others, however, just want to live a rural lifestyle and not completely go off the grid — or go “just enough” off the grid. If this is you, you’ll never have dead batteries again with EcoGen — the only automatic standby generator built specifically for off-grid and alternative green-energy use and battery power storage. With this unique model’s capabilities, you can extend your maintenance periods since you have more oil reserve, a longer generator lifespan, and durable engine parts.

More importantly: When electricity demand is low, the EcoGen consumes less fuel, saving you money. You’ll never regret exploring what the EcoGen has to offer if you want to maintain self-sufficiency when rural living and your power supply goes wonky.


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