Generac Certified Repair: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Generac Certified Repair: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

You’ve got a lot on your plate when you own a home — your mortgage, insurance, bills, and coordinating the right Generac certified repair company to properly fix and maintain your Generac standby generator. If you wait until the last minute to repair your generator, you’re more likely to encounter costly problems or a faulty generator during an emergency.

Power outages, natural disasters, severe weather, and floods can pose a threat to food and water safety — and these issues can lead to more emergencies. Having a plan is the best strategy. You can proactively prepare for how to handle food and water during a power outage, or you can contact your local Generac repair service today to do the job you don’t have time to do.

These problems should always be addressed head-on and as quickly as possible. If you act now, you might prevent more repairs down the road.


You’ll Want a Generac Certified Repair Technician

A Generac certified repair professional should take a look at your home standby generator for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • You want to keep your household safe. Why take the chance of running into an expensive emergency in the future when you can have a Generac repair service technician take a look at your unit today? By using the right tools and procedures, a professional can identify and fix potential hazards.
  • Your generator deserves a high standard of care. Professionals use high-quality parts and materials when repairing generators. By doing this, you’ll ensure your generator is properly fixed and maintained — and geared to last for many more years to come.
  • Warranty applications. Depending on your circumstance, repairs performed by a certified professional are often covered by a warranty.
  • Peace of mind. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your generator is being repaired by a certified professional and forgo a frantic “generator repair in my area” online search during future emergencies. Having your generator repaired by an expert today will ensure that it’s safe and reliable tomorrow or next year.


Reasons it Won’t Start: A Generac Certified Repair Service Knows Why

Standby generators may fail to start for several reasons, which is where a Generac certified repair company comes into play. Some possibilities include the following:

  • The battery is dead. There are many reasons why a generator won’t start, but this is the most common. Generators are powered by batteries, which power the starter motor that cranks the engine. Having a dead battery will prevent the starter motor from turning the engine over.
  • There’s not enough fuel. In the event your propane fuel tank is low, the generator won’t be able to operate. Ensure the generator’s fuel tank is full before starting it (if your connection is a propane tank).
  • A clogged fuel filter. Fuel can be blocked from reaching the engine by an obstructed fuel filter, which will prevent the generator from starting. Having the fuel filter replaced, if you suspect it’s clogged, is one of the first issues a Generac repair service technician will look at.
  • The engine is not working. Generators cannot start if their engines are damaged. An engine may be seized due to several factors, including a blown head gasket, cracked pistons, or another issue.
  • Problems with the control board. For a generator to start, signals are sent to the engine by the control board. The engine cannot start if the control board is damaged.


Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

To troubleshoot any problems with your home standby generator, call a professional. You can take the right steps today to resolve a problem once you’ve identified it. A qualified technician can help you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Additionally, any reputable Generac certified repair professional should give you the following tips so you can prevent your home standby generator from going dark:

  • The engine should be inspected regularly. Any potential problems with the engine can be identified sooner, rather than later.
  • Make sure your generator is serviced regularly. Any potential problems can be identified and fixed before they cause the generator not to start.
  • Maintain a full fuel tank. As a result, the generator will start on-demand when needed or tested (if your connection is a propane tank).
  • Always ensure you have a clean fuel filter. The generator will start more easily if the fuel filter is not clogged.

Keeping your home standby generator running smoothly and preventing it from not starting is easy if you follow these tips — and contact your local Generac repair service.


Get Hold of a Repair Professional

Call a Generac certified repair expert if you need to repair a home standby generator or just have it looked at to make sure you’re following all the maintenance protocol correctly. Your generator will last for many years if your generator is repaired correctly, safely, and earlier, rather than later.

Make sure you:

  • Compare multiple quotes. Be sure to get quotes from several different professionals before making a decision. As a result, you’ll be able to get the best quality for your money. Don’t start late — or else you’ll be searching online for “generator repair in my area” under the worst last-minute circumstances.
  • Ask about warranties. Find out the warranty policy for each service company. You won’t be concerned knowing that if the problem recurs after the repair, you’ll be covered.
  • Check service company references. Request references from previous clients for each professional. You can determine the quality of their work and how they treat their customers.


But… Before You Contact a Generac Certified Repair Pro

It’s good to discuss replacement of your generator before calling out a Generac certified repair professional to your home. It may be time to replace your old generator with a long-lasting model if your system keeps breaking down, requires frequent and expensive repairs, or is just getting old.

It’s possible for a generator to have multiple problems at the same time if it hasn’t been maintained or repaired over several years. Whenever a Generac repair service technician looks at a unit for the first time, the expert will only have minimal knowledge. So it’s a good idea to tell the pros everything you know about your generator and its latest operations (or lack thereof).

The more storms and power outages that neighborhoods experience across the United States, the more apparent it is to homeowners that many need a home standby generator. Getting your system repaired over the years is a necessary expense, and it’s worth the investment so your Generac can serve you well in the future. As the country’s electricity grid tries to cope with increasingly frequent and extreme weather and storms, random blackouts across many states are serving as a stark reminder.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information, the number of weather disasters with property losses of over $1 billion is on the rise. Recently, there’s been a 67 percent increase in major power outages caused by weather and climate events since 2000. Generally, electrical grid experts agree the nation needs to build more transmission lines to transport electricity from where it’s produced to where it is needed.

In addition, electric cars and homes are expected to become even more commonplace for so many couples and families going forward — all while the country’s electricity infrastructure needs to be upgraded.


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