Generators for Hurricane Season: Be prepared, stay safe

Preparing for a storm once it is already barreling down the Eastern seaboard is far too late. While 2020 is projected to be an “above average” year for hurricanes, the reality is that In any given year, there is a fair chance of a storm capable of causing significant damage coming ashore in Central New Jersey.


In addition to possibly being an extra active storm season, this year is unique in that we are spending a lot more time inside our homes than usual because of the pandemic, and feel the need more than ever to be entirely self-sufficient at home. The coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated just how vulnerable we can be, and the importance of being able to live comfortably in your own home for extended periods of time. Ensuring you have power is essential to that need.


In times of pandemic or otherwise, a power outage is not just inconvenient but can be dangerous and costly as well. If you’ve yet to do so, consider outfitting your house with a generator to make sure you and your family are not left stranded in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather event.


Plan Ahead

Being prepared ahead of time is key since once the storm is on it’s way and in the news, the run on portable generators and other supplies begins, often leaving items available only at ridiculously inflated prices or unavailable altogether. The days leading up to a storm are ones ideally spent at home, readying your property for the incoming winds and precipitation. It’s not a time you want to be stuck in a big box store checkout line, making anxious purchases and hoping that you’ve got all bases covered.


Assess your needs

Take an inventory of the appliances and other electronics you will need to power in the case of a prolonged outage and how much power each requires. Will these appliances need to be run 24/7 or just at times of specific use? Do you have a sump pump that prevents your property from flooding?


Thinking through a detailed storm preparedness plan will help make for a turnkey operation once a storm arrives, eliminating the doubt and uncertainty that can make these situations more stressful—and expensive—than they need to be. When considering a generator, remember that it is much more cost-efficient to invest in the right generator for your home ahead of time, rather than buy one at the last minute for a ridiculous price or have to pay to repair the damage caused to your property by a prolonged power outage. Invest now before it costs you much more down the line.


Find the generator that matches your needs

For over 90 years, Danley has provided affordable, reliable commercial and residential generator installation alongside full-service repair and maintenance. Home generators come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and if you are wondering what generator is best suited for your home, our team is uniquely suited to walk you through all the options and help you arrive at a solution that caters to your energy needs.


As the number one generator dealer in New Jersey and recipient of Generac’s top dealer award 6 years in a row, we offer a broad range of automatic standby and portable generators with the expertise to match. Hurricane season is just around the bend, let’s make sure you have the resources to weather the storm.