How a Standby Generator Works

If you have already determined that you need or want a standby generator to provide power for when you lose power, the next step is to look into getting a generator connected to your power supply.  While making the decision to get a standby generator is the first step, the reasons why you want the generator can help you determine what brand of generator you want and the size of the generator you need.  In addition, not all homes have natural gas supplies, so it is important to keep in mind that you may need to install a liquid propane supply, as well, in order to have a functioning standby generator.


When you consult with a standby generator installer, one of the first things that they should do is talk to you about why you want a generator.  Do you need it to be able to continue to work and live in your home or business during a power outage? Is it necessary to run medical equipment?  Will the generator operate important property-protecting equipment such as sump pumps? Will you need to operate a few appliances at a time or do you want a power supply large enough to fully operate all of the appliances in a home or a business?  All of these questions will help determine what capacity you will need in an emergency standby generator.


One of the important things to keep in mind is that generators come in a wide range of sizes and styles.  Portable generators are the most flexible. In fact, they can even be set up to function in a similar way to standby generators because they can be configured with start-up options that allow them to automatically turn on when the power supply is disrupted.  However, they require fuel to run and are more of a short term solution to power loss than a standby generator. Standby generators can provide a more reliable long-term power supply because they are connected to a fuel supply and do not require refueling.


Standby generators provide emergency backup power generation.  They can provide long-term power. Standby generators that are connected to liquid propane sources can operate as long as they have fuel to power them.  Standby generators that are connected to the natural gas supply could, theoretically, supply power to a home indefinitely, though that would be a more expensive option than using the standard power supply.


There are several different brands of standby generator.  However, Generac is widely considered to be the most reliable standby generator brand. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles across a variety of price points, which means that there is a standby generator that is right for every home or business.  The professionals at Danley can help you assess your needs and pick the generator that is right for your home and its needs.