Top Reasons to Invest in Generac Generators for Your New Jersey Home

Top Reasons to Invest in Generac Generators for Your New Jersey Home

All it takes is a big snowstorm, frigid temps, high winds, a strong summer storm, or an accident involving a nearby power line to knock your power out. Generac home generators New Jersey homeowners like you can invest in can help you breathe a sigh of relief during unexpected losses of power. Below, are some of the top reasons to invest in Generac generators for your New Jersey home.

Keeping Your Essential Appliances Running

Food can spoil fairly quickly if your refrigerator isn’t able to run. This is just one example of why whole house generators for sale in New Jersey can be a much-appreciated investment. Generac home generators also protect medications that need to be refrigerated from becoming dangerous or useless. Electric water heaters will continue to operate as well with a generator as a backup source of power.

Protecting Your Basement from Flood-Related Damage

Sump pumps that aren’t battery operated must have power to kick in when there’s a need to remove excess water from a basement or crawlspace. Oftentimes, it’s strong storms – the kind that can knock power out – that also trigger the need for a sump pump to run in order to prevent flooding in your home. A Generac generator will keep your sump pump functioning even if the power is out.

Maintaining Your Home’s Comfort

Being without heat or AC can be a big deal, especially if the power is out for long periods of time or on really hot or cold days. A Generac generator will keep your home’s heating and cooling system operating regardless of whether or not there’s a power outage. This can be particularly helpful if you have elderly family members that don’t respond well to changes with indoor comfort levels.

Boosting Your Safety and Security

No one likes feeling vulnerable or helpless when the power is out and living spaces are left dark. Home security systems may also be affected by power outages. These are just two reasons why a Generac generator can provide added security and a boost in personal safety. Plus, you’ll be able to keep the lights on until the power comes back on to take over for the generator.

Find whole house generators for sale in New Jersey from a trusted company like Walter Danley Electrical Contracting. Visit for more information on top-quality Generac home generators in New Jersey.

Where to Find Quality Generac Generators in New Jersey?

Where to Find Quality Generac Generators and Electricians in New Jersey?

Generac generators’ producers have built their name for years now and are currently one of the best as they’ve got the quality and affordable products. The Generac generators suit both commercial and domestic use. But the big question is, where do you get these quality generators from? Can you find a contractor who does generator installation or maintenance? It’s never easy finding a trusted Generac generator dealer, but if you’re in New Jersey, Walter Danley Electrical Contracting LLC will sort you out. The company does have different types of Generac Generators For Sale in New Jersey. For your installation of Generac Home Generators in New Jersey, don’t forget to contact us and get the best deals and quality services.

If you’re tired of the constant power interruptions because of either heavy storm, it’s wise to look for quality Generac Emergency Generators in New Jersey, which we can install. Remember, anything can happen with your power supply company forcing you to look for an alternative, but our able team can always rescue you. You can also go camping and use the generators in any place after visiting us for the best deals in town.

Given that the Generac generators are of different sizes and designs, you should always go for what fits your demands. There are portable generators that allow you to move around with ease to your picnics or the village. Trust us for your commercial installations and get the Generac Generators For Sale in New Jersey and have stress free operations at your business premises. The best part of settling for our Generac Home Generators in New Jersey is that we’ve installers who are experts when it comes to installation and maintenance.

With a Generac emergency Generators in New Jersey from our company, you’re sure your fridge, sump pump, or heating system will work as usual even with power shortage. Are you worried about the fuel consumption of the generators? Don’t worry since we’ve got different sizes of Generac generators, some with single while others have double fuel tanks, so you’ll go for your choice. Suppose you’re unsure what to settle for our team of experts will give you the best advice.

Never worry much about the cost of installation, as in the long run, you’ll realize how cost-effective it’s to have a Generac generator. And the greatest of all is that we offer free in-home estimation if you want to know the cost of having a Generac Home Generators in New Jersey. Contact us at any time for your free estimates using the number on our page. For the best Generac generators prices, electric installation, and maintenance, do contact W. Danley Electrical Contracting.

Choosing a Generac Emergency Generator for Your Home

Don’t Be Caught Without Power for Hours: Investing in Generac Emergency Generator

Living in New Jersey, the last thing you want in the middle of a Nor’easter winter storm is to be without power for several hours. Unfortunately, this seems to happen a lot every year. If you also have electric heat, it really puts you and your family in jeopardy. This year, do something different and invest in a generator for residential use. Generac emergency generators in New Jersey is a good company to ask for help when you are ready to pick out a generator for your home. These Generac emergency home generators New Jersey residents rely on are installed by a professional electrical contractor to insure that the generator is working properly when you need it to.

How the Home Generator Is Installed

Much like a commercial generator, a home generator connects to your home’s electrical system. The generator is tripped when your electricity suddenly stops. It takes a few seconds, but then the generator turns itself on and runs and powers your home until power is restored to your area of New Jersey. Generac emergency generators in New Jersey can show you how the generator works and how it stops working when power is restored to your home.

For Safety Reasons, the Generator Is Installed Outside but Connected Inside

Most generators can produce carbon monoxide as a by-product of operation. As such, they are generally installed outside, while the wiring and cables are run through a hole in the foundation to your home’s electrical/fuse box inside. In this way, any carbon monoxide produced stays outside when the generator is in operation. The air in your home stays safe and breathable while you keep your home warm and lit during a bad winter storm and power outage.

Generac Emergency Home Generators in New Jersey Are Well-Maintained

The electrical company that installs these generators makes sure that you have a maintenance plan for your generator. The maintenance plan prevents your generator from breaking down when you need it the most. Ask your electrical contractor about the maintenance plan when he or she is installing your new generator. Annual maintenance is highly recommended.

If you are ready to buy and install a Generac emergency generator in your New Jersey home, contact Walter Danley Electrical Contracting, LLC, today. To get a free consultation and useful information on the Generac emergency generators that will work best in your home, ask specifically about this brand of generator.

Generac Generator | Frequently Asked Questions

Generac Generator FAQs

In any industry, there are specific brands and manufacturers that are recognized as setting the standard for reliability, dependability, and performance. In the home power industry, Generac Generators is one such manufacturer.

At Walter Danley Electrical Contracting, we are a Generac Generator dealer, providing generators, installation services, and electrical services for customers throughout New Jersey.

As a Generac Generator dealer, we hear the same questions from prospective buyers. To help you understand why we recommend these generators, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the brand.

Why invest in a standby or automatic generator rather than a portable generator?

A portable generator is a lower cost option, but it is also not designed to provide power to the entire home. Additionally, a portable generator has to be moved into location and connected when needed, while the automatic generator provides immediate power and can run all systems in the home.

The automatic generator also comes on when the power goes out, even if you are not at home. This prevents issues such as burst pipes and spoiling of the contents of the fridge and freezer if the power goes out when you are away.

What is required to maintain an automatic generator?

As a Generac Generator dealer, we offer very low cost maintenance plans, and we can ensure your automatic generator is correctly serviced and ready for use. Home and business owners can also easily maintain either automatic backup or portable generators by following the information provided in the owner’s manual.

If you have additional questions about Generac generators, including how to size one for your home or business, get in touch with our team today at 732. 432.0164.

How Does A Commercial Generator Work?

How Does A Commercial Generator Work?

While power outages are a challenge for homeowners across New Jersey, they are more than just an inconvenience for businesses and industries. Not having power can lead to loss of production, potential damage to equipment, and challenges with meeting orders and retaining customers.

To overcome these issues, businesses of all types across the state install commercial generator systems. These operate on the same technology as automatic backup generators for residences, but they offer a much higher output to be able to keep everything from hospitals to shopping malls and processing plants to shipping hubs fully functional throughout a power outage.

Operation of the Generator

Build to withstand the environment, a commercial generator is fully enclosed and is wired directly into the building’s electrical grid through a subpanel system. In addition, these generators have dedicated fuel tanks, as they are most commonly diesel or natural gas. This ensures the generator starts immediately when the power goes out and continues to run as long as required. Typically, natural gas generators have their own dedicated supply line.

When the sensor in the electrical panel detects the loss of power, it turns on the commercial generator. This allows the engine of the generator to produce power through the alternator and then into the electrical panel. Typically, the drop in power noticed in the building and through the operating systems is just a fraction of a second, resulting in continuous operation.

As with residential types of backup generators, correct sizing is critical for the large industrial generators. If you are considering adding a generator to your business, call W. Danley Electrical Contracting at 732. 432.0164, we assist you in getting the right size and type for your power needs.

How Long Will Your Backup Generator Run If Used on a Continuous Basis?

How Long Will Your Backup Generator Run If Used on a Continuous Basis?

A backup generator can be a true lifesaver in emergency situations. But as you are preparing for your emergency situations, you want to be able to know how long your generator will last during a prolonged power outage. The answer to that question depends upon the type of generator that you have.

Portable Backup Gasoline Generators

Many people purchase gasoline generators because they are convenient to use. However, this type of generator will be extremely limited in the amount of time that it can run continuously. The primary reason that your time will be limited is because you will be unable to refill a gas-powered generator without turning it off first.

Gasoline generators should never be refueled while they are running. Doing this can cause the fumes from the gas to spark and cause an explosion. In order to refuel a gas generator, you have to shut the generator down completely and allow it time to cool off before adding more fuel.

This means your generator may need to be offline for up to 12 hours when you refuel it.

Propane Portable Generators

Unlike gas generators, a propane powered generator does not have to be shut down before you add additional fuel. However, all portable propane generators require a certain amount of oil in their engine in order to work and will shut down once that oil gets low. Although the exact times may vary, a full engine full of oil can last up to 200 hours.

Standby Backup Generators

Of all the possible generators, a standby generator will last the longest. These generators can operate for up to 500 hours of continuous use. This will give you almost three weeks of usage out of the generator. 

The reason these generators last longer is because they have larger motors that are designed to work with either natural gas or 1,000 gallon propane tanks.

Walter Danley Electrical Contracting LLC. provides installation and maintenance of electrical work and can be contacted through their website at

Cost to Install a Generac Generator

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Generac Generator Installed?

A generator makes a great addition to your home. As anyone who has experienced a power outage knows, these things never happen at a convenient time. If you are in the early stages of considering a generator, there are probably some questions you would like answered.

The first, how much does it cost to have a Generac generator installed, is easily answered by consulting with a Generac dealer. We provide free estimates as well as financing options.

How Large of a Generator Do I Need?

Whole house generators come in a variety of sizes. An experienced generator installation technician can recommend the size generator best suited for your situation. Some things that affect the size of the generator you need are the size of your home as well as how many electronics you run in your home.

What Types of Generators are There?

Whole house generators are one of several choices you have when shopping for generators. If your budget is tight, you can probably keep your refrigerator and one or two additional electronics running with a portable generator. Portable generators do not provide the same seamless power as a whole house generator, but they are available at a lower price. 

If you run a business, it is unlikely that even a whole house generator will meet your needs. There are specific generators designed for commercial use that will allow you to keep your business up and running when there are problems with power in your area. 

Regardless of your needs, talk to us at Walter Danley Electrical Contracting, LLC, in person or visit our website at We have the experience necessary to help you with a whole house generator installation, purchasing a portable generator for emergencies, or setting up a commercial generator. As a PowerPro PREMIER dealer of Generac generators, we can find the perfect solution for your needs.

What Size Generator Do I Need to Power a House?

What Size Generator Do I Need to Power a House?

A variety of factors determine what size generator is right for any home. At the heart of this is choosing the right manufacturer and to know the overall specs for that product (these can change from one location to the next). There are other factors to think about, too.

Home Size

Home size can play a role in your decision to purchase a generator. Obviously, a bigger home will require more power because it has more sources from which power must be pulled. A medium sized home generally requires 5,000 to 7,000 watts. It is best to choose a generator based on the watts used, not the square footage, though.
The number of appliances in the home, such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, and furnace, all play a big role in the amount of power demand the home has. More so, if you have numerous computers, big screen TVs, and other high powered items, that is going to increase wattage needs.

What Type of Generator Is Best for You?

You have a number of options to think about when choosing a generator. You may want a portable generator, which simply goes where you need it to go. It can be used for more locations or for specific needs, but tends to have a lower amount of wattage than other built in models. Most homes, though, benefit from a built in home backup generator. Most will benefit from 7500 watt to 9000 watts. If you have a smaller home or RV, a 4000 watt generator can be a good choice for you. Built in models are beneficial because they are more powerful and easier to use. They can kick on to keep your home powered whenever there is a loss of power.

Brands Matter

When you are buying a generator for your home, consider the top brands like Generac. This brand, for example, is well recognized and offers a wide range of sizes and types of generators to fit most needs. It is also one of the best choices for those who want a long term warranty and an easy to use setup.

Do Not Make Decisions on Your Own

With so many options to choose from in generators for your home, it pays to have some help in choosing one. At W. Danley Electrical Contracting, we can provide the one on one support you need.

Generators for Hurricane Season

Preparing for a storm once it is already barreling down the Eastern seaboard is far too late. While 2020 is projected to be an “above average” year for hurricanes, the reality is that In any given year, there is a fair chance of a storm capable of causing significant damage coming ashore in Central New Jersey.


In addition to possibly being an extra active storm season, this year is unique in that we are spending a lot more time inside our homes than usual because of the pandemic, and feel the need more than ever to be entirely self-sufficient at home. The coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated just how vulnerable we can be, and the importance of being able to live comfortably in your own home for extended periods of time. Ensuring you have power is essential to that need.


In times of pandemic or otherwise, a power outage is not just inconvenient but can be dangerous and costly as well. If you’ve yet to do so, consider outfitting your house with a generator to make sure you and your family are not left stranded in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather event.


Plan Ahead

Being prepared ahead of time is key since once the storm is on it’s way and in the news, the run on portable generators and other supplies begins, often leaving items available only at ridiculously inflated prices or unavailable altogether. The days leading up to a storm are ones ideally spent at home, readying your property for the incoming winds and precipitation. It’s not a time you want to be stuck in a big box store checkout line, making anxious purchases and hoping that you’ve got all bases covered.


Assess your needs

Take an inventory of the appliances and other electronics you will need to power in the case of a prolonged outage and how much power each requires. Will these appliances need to be run 24/7 or just at times of specific use? Do you have a sump pump that prevents your property from flooding?


Thinking through a detailed storm preparedness plan will help make for a turnkey operation once a storm arrives, eliminating the doubt and uncertainty that can make these situations more stressful—and expensive—than they need to be. When considering a generator, remember that it is much more cost-efficient to invest in the right generator for your home ahead of time, rather than buy one at the last minute for a ridiculous price or have to pay to repair the damage caused to your property by a prolonged power outage. Invest now before it costs you much more down the line.


Find the generator that matches your needs

For over 90 years, Danley has provided affordable, reliable commercial and residential generator installation alongside full-service repair and maintenance. Home generators come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and if you are wondering what generator is best suited for your home, our team is uniquely suited to walk you through all the options and help you arrive at a solution that caters to your energy needs.


As the number one generator dealer in New Jersey and recipient of Generac’s top dealer award 6 years in a row, we offer a broad range of automatic standby and portable generators with the expertise to match. Hurricane season is just around the bend, let’s make sure you have the resources to weather the storm.

How a Standby Generator Works

If you have already determined that you need or want a standby generator to provide power for when you lose power, the next step is to look into getting a generator connected to your power supply.  While making the decision to get a standby generator is the first step, the reasons why you want the generator can help you determine what brand of generator you want and the size of the generator you need.  In addition, not all homes have natural gas supplies, so it is important to keep in mind that you may need to install a liquid propane supply, as well, in order to have a functioning standby generator.  


When you consult with a standby generator installer, one of the first things that they should do is talk to you about why you want a generator.   Do you need it to be able to continue to work and live in your home or business during a power outage? Is it necessary to run medical equipment?  Will the generator operate important property-protecting equipment such as sump pumps? Will you need to operate a few appliances at a time or do you want a power supply large enough to fully operate all of the appliances in a home or a business?  All of these questions will help determine what capacity you will need in an emergency standby generator.    


One of the important things to keep in mind is that generators come in a wide range of sizes and styles.  Portable generators are the most flexible. In fact, they can even be set up to function in a similar way to standby generators because they can be configured with start-up options that allow them to automatically turn on when the power supply is disrupted.  However, they require fuel to run and are more of a short term solution to power loss than a standby generator. Standby generators can provide a more reliable long-term power supply because they are connected to a fuel supply and do not require refueling.  


Standby generators provide emergency backup power generation.   They can provide long-term power. Standby generators that are connected to liquid propane sources can operate as long as they have fuel to power them.  Standby generators that are connected to the natural gas supply could, theoretically, supply power to a home indefinitely, though that would be a more expensive option than using the standard power supply.  


There are several different brands of standby generator.  However, Generac is widely considered to be the most reliable standby generator brand. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles across a variety of price points, which means that there is a standby generator that is right for every home or business.  The professionals at Danley can help you assess your needs and pick the generator that is right for your home and its needs.