Emergency Generator Service in NJ

Hurricane’s can have nationwide effects.

Choose Danley to Protect Your Home & Family From Hurricane’s!

Worried about Hurricane’s hitting the NJ area? With Hurricane models predicting landfall on the East Coast, a hit, even far down the coast, can have a dramatic impact on us, even in New Jersey.  Of course, as we learned from storms like Superstorm Sandy, being outside of the normal hurricane impact zone is not enough to keep us safe.  That is why the Generator team at W. Danley monitors developing storms and are always ready to mobilize and help people throughout our NJ service area.

With a record number of storms that develop in the tropics, NJ can also have some devastating hurricane seasons.  Faced with conditions like this, being worried is understandable.  However, you do not have to sit back and do nothing.  Plan ahead to minimize the storm’s impact on you.

You may wonder how an indirect hit can have serious consequences for us.  A few years back Hurricane Harvey flooded the entire city of Houston, an area larger than all of New Jersey, despite hitting hundreds of miles down the coast.  While hurricane projections focus on where the eye of the storm will hit, much of the damage of a hurricane is due to storm surge, high winds, and flooding far away from the hurricane’s eye.  In fact, in terms of long-term damage, a large lower category storm can be even more catastrophic than a Cat 4 or Cat 5 storm.

If you do rely on generators for power during outages, keep in mind that service people will be called to where the storm made landfall.  Rental generators will also be sent to where they are most needed.  To prepare ahead, you should have your generators inspected and maintained before the storm can make landfall, to help ensure that you do not experience any disruptions in service because of the storm.