Emergency Generator Service: Prepare Sooner, Not Later

During a power outage, an emergency generator service that can supply and install a home backup generator is your answer to turning the electricity back on. This is a valuable asset for homes and businesses in areas and neighborhoods prone to electrical outages.


Portable vs. Standby: Emergency Generator Service

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A portable generator versus a home backup generator are the two main types of units that a local emergency generator service will offer. Permanent standby generators are larger and more expensive than portable generators, but they can be worth the investment to install and maintain. A portable generator is not as powerful or as quiet as a standby generator, although a home standby generator does come with its own low-level humming noise.

Overall, the size and cost of a home backup generator is higher than a portable generator. The installation and maintenance of these systems are also more challenging, though. Despite this, standby generators installed by a reputable local emergency generator service eliminate many of the safety concerns associated with portable generators.

A generator’s fuel type and features should all be taken into account when selecting a home backup generator from an emergency generator service. A properly sized generator is also important for homes and businesses depending on their needs, square footage, and number of rooms.

It is very important to maintain your standby backup generator regularly. You should change the oil, check the fuel level, and clean the air filter. You should also test it regularly to ensure the generator functions properly.

Having an emergency backup generator can prevent the inconvenience and damage caused by a power outage.


Types of Emergencies: Emergency Generator Service

When it comes to emergency generator service needs, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the specific features you require and identify the generators that would best meet those needs.

So, what types of emergencies and “when” does a home backup generator come in handy? We’re glad you asked:

  • They come in handy if it’s not uncommon for your neighborhood to experience power outages. In addition, the outages can sometimes last for a long period of time. Natural disasters and severe weather may impact your area often, or other unanticipated events. By simply looking into an emergency generator service, you can power your entire. A home backup generator connects directly to the circuit breaker panel of your home, via a transfer switch. This way, you can control and run hardwired appliances, such as central air conditioning, well pumps, sump pumps, electric ranges, and water heaters.
  • They are also valuable if power outages only occur occasionally in your area. Many homeowners are reluctant to spend thousands of dollars for an emergency generator service to install a home backup generator. However, the cheaper alternative of portable generators requires you to retrieve them from a garage or shed during a power outage. This can be a major hassle during an emergency.

When the power goes out, standby generators kick on automatically. When that outage happens, these units instantly run on natural gas or liquid propane. You won’t have to manually refill them since they can be hooked up to your home’s gas line or propane tank.


You’re in Good Company: Emergency Generator Service

Every year that passes, more homeowners are increasingly considering emergency generator service and preparedness. Due to extreme weather and energy grid failures, home generator sales have increased exponentially in recent years.

You can have peace of mind with a home backup generator, especially at a time when energy usage is on the rise. In the event of a blackout, you will never lose power.

A typical standby generator produces as low as 8 Kw and up to 20 – 30 Kw (kilowatts) of power. Much higher if needed, depending on the model you purchase. The reliability, skill, and readiness of a local emergency generator service that installs your unit is one of the biggest benefits. Of course, we’ll ensure your generator is installed properly. That way it can restore power to your entire home when the power goes out.


Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

The cost of having an emergency generator service plan, coordinate, and install your home backup generator can be on the higher side. However, it is a very worthwhile long-term investment. To remain functional, your generator will also require regular maintenance.

Owners usually run their generators for 30 minutes once per month to keep them operating efficiently. It is also important to test your generator regularly so you know it will start in case of an emergency. During a power blackout, you don’t want to discover your generator is not working.

Your home insurance company can provide information about coverage options available for a backup generator before you make a purchase. Additionally, an emergency generator service can assist you in the preparation and installation process. For example, a generator repair policy on your insurance might cover equipment breakdown costs. Additionally, installing a generator may also qualify you for a discount on your annual premium.


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