Generac Cost

Generac Cost

Your Generac Cost: What’s Exactly Behind that Price

Depending on the size, fuel type, and complexity of installation, your Generac cost of a home backup generator can vary. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your installation, a Generac whole-house generator can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000.

Generac home backup generator costs vary depending on the size, fuel type, and complexity of installation. Generators with larger capacities are more expensive. Larger Generac generators are capable of powering more electronics and appliances due to their larger kilowatts (Kw) rating.

Natural gas and liquid propane (LP) can be used as fuel for Generac generators. A natural gas generator is typically less expensive than an LP generator. It’s also important to consider how complex the installation is. The price of a Generac home generator installation will be more expensive if it needs to be completed at a remote location or with complicated wiring.

Additionally, permits and other fees may be necessary. These are all relevant questions as U.S. electricity generation by source remains a hot topic as power outages across the nation become more common in local neighborhoods and business communities. How much a Generac costs is impacted by all these factors.

Recent decades have seen a shift in the fuel mix in the U.S. electric power grid from coal to more diverse fuels, such as natural gas and renewable energy. As more Americans work from home, local natural disasters and a fully-leveraged power grid have put our nation’s unique electrical web of power to the test.


The ‘Why’ Behind the Generac Cost

There are a number of reasons why the Generac cost of home backup generators are expensive. In addition to producing a lot of power, generators must also be reliable and safe.

These generators require a number of complex components. Some of these components include an engine, alternator, and transfer switch. The engine converts fuel into mechanical energy. The alternator aids in converting that mechanical energy into electrical energy. Then the transfer switch sends that electrical energy into your home’s appliances and infrastructure. We measure electrical power in terms of kilowatts (Kw).

More on the transfer switch. It plays a crucial role in all of this. The transfer switch is what safely connects the generator to your home’s electrical system. It’s also, what automatically disconnects your home from the utility grid when the power goes out. Without it, everything else fails. Using this method prevents back-feeding, which can damage the generator and injure workers.

The price of a Generac home generator is affected by these technical and manufacturing reasons. In addition, the way the parts work as a cohesive unit shows why.

Generators start automatically when the power goes out and begin turning the alternator. A transfer switch routes AC electricity from the alternator to the transfer switch. Using the transfer switch, you disconnect your home from the utility grid and connect it to the generator. You can then use the generator’s electricity to power your home until the power is restored. For a home backup generator to function properly, all three components must be present.

In simple terms, engines power generators. Generators power alternators. Alternators power transfer switches. And finally, transfer switches power your home’s electrical system. All of this filters into how much a Generac costs.


Durability, Built to Last, and Surviving All Conditions

Generac designs their home backup generators to be durable. They can handle all sorts of harsh weather conditions. This plays a role in your specific Generac cost. Manufactures conduct tests to ensure the generator you eventually purchase operates safely and reliably in a range of environments.

In addition to being built to last, they are also very durable. Materials and construction of home backup generators must be of high quality to provide power for extended periods of time.

Brands, models, and maintenance will affect the durability of home backup generators. High-quality generators, however, have a lifespan of 20 to 40 years. If you want to extend its lifespan and get the most out of the price of a Generac home generator, follow these steps:

  • At least once a year, have the generator inspected by a qualified technician. Any potential problems will be identified early in this way.
  • Maintain your generator as recommended by the manufacturer. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, and air filter cleaning are all part of this process. It’s usually possible to arrange ongoing maintenance through the local Generac installation provider.
  • Even if there are no power outages, run the generator regularly in test mode. Maintaining the engine and other parts will help to keep them running smoothly.


Proper Installation, Service, and Generac Cost

Home backup generators require proper installation to function safely and effectively. This is in addition to the overall Generac costs you assume by selecting a skilled professional to install it in the first place. However, both of these costs make themselves up to you.

Licensed Generac technicians who are also electricians are most qualified to install Generac backup generators. Since they are familiar with local electrical codes and regulations, technicians are qualified to install generators of all sizes and types safely and correctly.

Unless properly installed, generators can be dangerous machines. The electrical system in your home must be properly connected to generators by an electrician. The generator installation will also be compliant with the local electrical codes and regulations.

Many generator manufactures require licensed electricians to install their generators. Often, this step maintains their warranties. Consider having a Generac technician assess your needs and provide an official estimate if you’re considering installing a home backup generator. Going through this process will reveal why the price of a Generac home generator is what it is.


Extending the Lifespan: Maintenance and Recommendations

Generally speaking, home backup generators are reliable machines that can last for many years — and your Generac cost will prove this point. It’s possible to extend the life of the generator if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and use it properly.

You can expect your home backup generator to provide years of reliable service if you take good care of it. The vast majority of home generator failures are caused by poor maintenance practices, according to Generac research. The majority of homeowners do not have their generators serviced annually. Belts and hoses go dry and deteriorate, fuel goes old, low coolant and no oil are consequences, and dead batteries can be a result of this inaction.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it, your ongoing maintenance inspection should include the following: Visual and exterior wear, engine oil, oil filter, air filter, belts and hoses, battery life, controller battery, engine coolant, load-bank test, fuel filter, fuel tank, level, fuel treatment, and fuel polishing.

The total expense of failing to properly maintain your unit will far outweigh your initial Generac costs. As such, a certified professional can also maintain it for you.


The Right Dealer and Generac Cost for Your Budget

It’s one thing to find the right Generac generator, but it’s another to sort through all the generator dealers out there — in addition to your Generac cost and everything else. Although it’s the most challenging part of the process, it’s the most crucial. Choosing the wrong Generac dealer can lead to a lot of problems.

It can, however, lead to a lot of positive outcomes if you choose a trustworthy dealer with a stellar record. In other words, what makes a dealer the right one?

When searching for Generac generator dealers in your area, keep these questions in mind:

  • Did someone local license them?
  • Did a certified manufacturer train them to install the generator?
  • Is their quote accurate and can they calculate your home’s power needs?
  • Does the company have full insurance?

The price of a Generac home generator is only the beginning of a large-purchase journey you’ll need to stay confident in — the entire way. It’s true that ongoing service and support are broad requests, but another, very specific request sums them up: User training. Your installer or dealer should train you on your new generator’s features and functions. This way you can better understand and operate it safely. Some dealers stand out as trustworthy Generac partners due to this key differentiator.

Generators from Generac can be purchased from a Generac dealer. However, why not build a lasting relationship instead of just a one-time interaction? They take great care to ensure your comfort and safety.


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