Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator and Power Outages

Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator and Power Outages

All types of homeowners across the United States experience multiple power outages and several hours without electricity every year, which is why they are increasingly looking to invest in something like a Generac 22Kw whole house generator.

However, this number can vary depending on a number of factors, including the region of the country you live in, the type of utility company that services you, and the age of your home’s electrical system.

Outages can be caused by a variety of factors, including severe weather, equipment failures, and human error. We’ll show you how — as well as why a trustworthy home backup generator is your best option to remain fully prepared under any of these circumstances.

Severe Weather and a Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather events can cause power outages by damaging power lines and equipment — which is all the more reason to look into a Generac 22Kw whole house generator.

Today, severe weather causes millions of power outages each year in the United States. According to some reports, the number of power outages inflicted by severe weather has increased by nearly two-thirds since 2000. There are a number of reasons as to the “why.”

A higher number of extreme weather events is one of those reasons. Climate change is making extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, more common and more severe. These events can damage power lines and equipment, causing power outages.

Aging infrastructure is another factor. The power grid in the United States is aging, and it is more vulnerable to damage from severe weather.

Not surprisingly, population growth stands out as well. The population of the United States is growing, and more people are living in areas that are at risk for severe weather. As time passes, it’s more like to expose more people to the possibility of experiencing power outages. All of the above factors are good reasons for purchasing a standby generator for your home.

Equipment Failures and a Generac 22Kw Whole House Generator

Equipment failures, like transformer failures or downed power lines, can cause power outages. This is yet another factor to consider when determining your need for a Generac 22Kw whole house generator. Equipment failures cause over 1 million power outages every year in the United States, and they have steadily increased over the past decade.

Why? Aging infrastructure and increased power demand. In the former, the power grid in the United States is aging, and it is more vulnerable to equipment failures. In the latter, the demand for electricity is increasing, and this is putting more strain on the power grid.

What’s more, transformer failures, line failures, equipment overload, and tree contact are some of the most common types of equipment failures that cause power outages. Transformers are what step up or step down the voltage of electricity. They are located at substations and along power lines. A number of factors, including age, wear and tear, and extreme weather, can cause transformer failures.

When it comes to power lines, this integral equipment transmits electricity from power plants to substations and then to homes and businesses. Just like transformers, age, wear and tear, and extreme weather, can cause line failures.

Regarding equipment overload, it’s all about electricity load. Drawing too much electricity from a power line can cause the line to overload and fail. A large number of appliances being used at the same time, a power surge, or a short circuit, can cause equipment overloads.

Trees can fall on power lines as well, causing them to break or become damaged. Tree contact is a common cause of power outages during storms. A Generac 22Kw whole house generator defends against the chance of all these nasty, impromptu equipment failures impacting your home to keep your power up and running.

Human Error: Workers, Complexity, Power Demand, and More

Human error, such as when a utility worker accidentally cuts a power line — which is another reason to be prepared with a Generac 22Kw whole house generator sitting outside — Can also cause power outages. This alone causes hundreds of thousands of power outages each year, and these mistakes only increase.

The reasons? An aging workforce, increased complexity in the power grid, and increasing power demand. The workforce in the electric power industry is aging, and this is leading to an increase in human error.

When it comes to increased complexity, the power grid is becoming more complex, and this is making it more difficult to operate and maintain.

Increasing demand for electricity is almost a no-brainer. The demand for electricity is increasing, and this is putting more strain on the power grid for some communities as they remain attractive places to move to and grow families, and in obtaining a sense of community.

Other instances of human error happen too. When a worker operates equipment incorrectly, it can cause the equipment to fail or malfunction. A number of factors, including fatigue, stress, and lack of training, can cause operating equipment incorrectly. Additionally, accidents, such as car accidents and falls, can damage power lines and equipment, causing power outages.

Also, vandalism, such as the intentional cutting of power lines, can cause power outages. There’s also sabotage, such as the intentional disabling of power equipment, which can cause power outages. These examples of human error are cause for concern and should make any homeowner think twice about investing in a trustworthy home backup generator.

A Generator You Can Trust 7 Days a Week

However, you can obtain peace of mind, security, and convenience with a home standby generator. A perfect example is the Generac 22Kw whole house generator. It automatically powers all of your essentials throughout your house in an emergency.

Most homeowners who are serious about protecting their valuables, time, convenience, and way of life in the event of an emergency use generators as standby power. Whenever there’s an outage, the generator automatically kicks in, usually within seconds, making this robust home backup generator well worth the expense.

A Generac 22Kw whole house generator will connect all the circuits in your house. Using a partial house generator instead of a whole house generator may make you feel like you can save costs and power only select circuits that matter to you. However, it won’t provide the same type of security as knowing your whole house will be powered when the grid fails. Many users believe security and convenience are the most valuable. Your whole house generator cost and investment, in the long run, pay enormous peace-of-mind dividends.

Overall, these cutting-edge engineered systems are efficacious and eco-friendly, burning natural gas or propane. They also have patented sound-attenuating technology, which keeps their noise at a manageable level.

A standby generator that can be monitored and controlled remotely from your mobile device is also convenient. Experience professionals can blend almost any landscape into their performance and design. Essentially, the Generac 22Kw whole house generator value you receive overwhelmingly outweighs your investment.

The Glaring Reality

You may think a power outage is something you can simply sleep off or wait five minutes to be resolved. You may believe that a trustworthy home backup generator for power outages isn’t necessary for the average homeowner. In some circumstances, this may be true; but in other cases, the situation may be far worse.

The world revolves around power, and any slight power outage can have disastrous effects on both people and businesses. Outages interrupt people’s lives and lifestyles. They can’t charge their phones, connect to the internet, run the air conditioner, or control lighting in their home. This makes devices and appliances entirely useless when running electrical components. An outage can severely impact businesses that heavily rely on electricity to operate their machinery, power printers, laptops, WiFi internet, elevators, and various other systems. Blackouts and the ensuing disruptions to your life and convenience call for a house backup generator.

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